A community growing as ONE.
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Uniting sustainability and diversity with fitness, food and lifestyle.
A community growing as ONE.
We offer a variety of superfood and fitness courses inspired by recipes and different sporting cultures from our young, dynamic team.
We are not just a community we are a Nation.


There is no such thing as bad movement, just lack of preparation.

Our training session can be found either indoor or outdoor. Ranging from HITT, functional fitness, circuit to yoga courses, we offer courses targeted and built around your daily life style.

The concept of One Nation was developed by bundled knowledge and therapy treatment methods from different fields of medical and sports science.

The body is of course not perfect, but with proper help and input, you can regain control over the injuries and struggles that our modern-day lifestyle poses us.

The result is a well thought out, efficient training concept for anyone who is ready to make a change in their life with low risk of injury – our top focus!

Do you want a holistic fitness concept without risks to your health?
Do you feel pain during certain fitness exercises?
Are you not sure if you are doing your exercises in the gym correctly and without risk of injury?
Or have you already had an injury and want to get back to your original fitness level?

Our system has been designed through incorporating knowledge and techniques from multiple disciplines, uniting concepts uniquely together.

The result is a highly effective and complete system of prevention and training for every individual ready to make a change in their life.

Learn to move safely and ergonomically while exercising.

Learn to avoid potential injuries while exercising.

Learn to restore your original performance after injury in a targeted and structured way.

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